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"Black Rain" New Jewel Case Package w/CD Extra Bonus

"Black Rain" is being re-issued in a new jewel case package containing the full booklet with lyrics and new color cover art and photos. It will also contain CD Extra bonus content featuring Behind the Scenes footage from the "Black Rain" photo shoot! CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!
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If there is any reason to buy an Ozzy compact disk is fine with me ,if you're a real fan of ozzy' s you HAVE to buy it,collect one and buy on to play to death.Rock On Ozzy!Give them Hell!

I do not know why everyone seems to be making such a big deal about what case Black Rain comes in, At the end of the day it's all about the music, not the CD case. What more do I need to say about Black Rain? It's Ozzy!!!!!! It's Awesome!!!!!! Ozzy, I am sure glad to have you back making new music & touring again! Please do not ever give it up! Will Rob Zombie be touring with you starting in Oct.? I sure wish "The Prince of Darkness" and "The Monster" could meet someday.

Later Ozzy

The Monster,

"The Original Horror Show!"

the album is great!! dont care if it came in a paper towel or a newspaper it would still rock!!!

True ozzy fans dont give a s*** about the package its about the god damn music

Why b**** about the first issue. Come on guys, or ladies, it will be a collector item. No one thought of this before. Damn I like it. Thought it wqas different. And, yes, as a true OZZY fan I bought the new one also. Keep it ozzy!!!!!!!!

You know, I was a tad but angry with the way 'Black Rain' came out in that tiny little f***ing envelope of a CD case! Has the Ozzman gone cheap? It was like, not even a big deal after I got it and now the CD is all scratched, my "I don't wanna stop" stops before it gets to the "I don't know what they're talkin' about"...



Well to be completely honest...I'm a little bit confused...I've already got the first 10 track European release including the lyrics. I raised hell to get the three additional bonustracks and f***ing failed. Now it looks like a second release is offered with additional artwork but without the three additionally recorded tracks ("Nightmare" etc.) This is something I don't understand. I know how Ozzy looks like. I dont need additional photos and other visual stuff.

its not about packaging u ass hole its about the f***ing music so get over it

ok listen up all the complainers, if you go to the top tool bar of this here ozzy page, and i think you can all read and do this but you click on lyrics, when you get to the page READ IT! it tells you how to get all the lyrics and pictures that are probably going to be on the new reissue cd. but i think most comlainers didnt even relize you could do that. yes you will be prompted to put your cd from the cool f***ing little album into your computer drive when it prompts you to, but trust me all the lyrics and pretty little pictures and stuff and some other cool stuff will come up! take a gander and find out AND I REALY WOULD LOVE TO HEAR WHAT YOU ALL FIND? AND HELL YEAH ITS GREAT LITTLE ALBUM AND ITS f***ING COOL THEY ARE GOING TO REISSUE IT HELL I AM GOING TO BUY IT.


What a loser....he has to remain anonymous....there is a hell...scared me s***less...you retard.