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Includes bonus CD with LIVE TRACKS plus rare “B” sides
1I Don’t Wanna Stop (LIVE) 2Not Going Away (LIVE) 3Here For You (LIVE)
4Nightmare 5Can’t Save You 6Love To Hate
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hell yeah man true fans never have anything bad to say about ozzy, and i agree with you when you said i'm here for you to ozzy i'm here for him as well. Also i can't wait till he comes out with a new album that'll show those losers saying he should retire

All hail the Prince of Darkness

I just wanna say to those f**ks that are fans and yet are putting rude comments about Ozzy on here,I think I speak for Ozzy when I say go f**k yourselves you f**king wankers. If your a true fan of Ozzy's you should have nothing bad to say at all not a thing. Ozzy,you sound great you still put on a good show and Black Rain shows that you still got your vibe man. You just sound better with every album. That fact that you, at your age and still lookin good, can still get on stage and still shoot chills up new and old fans spine,f**kin A Ozzy, you have a spirit that just wont die. It is my believe that Ozzy Osbourne was placed on earth by gods own hands for a reason. God bless you Ozzy. And much like you sing Im here for you, when I play that song in my truck im singin with it for you, Im here for you Ozzy. Dont stop,keep making albums, I cant wait for the next one.


Ozzy man love the special edition of black rain nightmare i can't save you and loveto hate are awesome and thanks again for righting here for you for us the fans.
All hail the Prince of Darkness

G'day Ozzman, hope ya get better soon mate. Bite this f***in' viruses head off! lol. Just wondering if anyone know's if Australia is going to get this special tour edition CD and if so when??? Thanks, LONG LIVE OZZY!!!

Cipralex , i agree.

(missin spellin Ozzy)
seriously man Ozzy is not that hard to spell, here i'll spell it for you O Z Z Y. if you can't do that then don't post a comment.

Ozzy- can't wait to get the new black rain hell yeah ozzy rules
All hail the Prince of Darkness

on with it earth people