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I GOT MY TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

congrats on gettin tix... i bought 2 cds both codes came up used since 1st try til the 150th try..........finally got 2 off free code so its not a fact of everyone not knowing what there doing.. some ppl just got screwwed

Hey, it only took me about 20 minutes and we got tix. So did my friend from Columbus and my friend from Oklahoma... I can think of at least 9 ppl I know of that I am absolutely positive got tickets for FREE, and there are probably more. In fact, I heard a DJ on the radio the night of the 8th saying he got his free tix from his pre-order code that night, becuz CD pre-orders got first dibs at the free tix before us cheap (aka po' folk) who didn't want to spring for a CD until we heard all of the tunes.

Don't gripe if you don't know wth you're doing or your crap computer just couldn't cut it. This truly is FREEfest and it is soooo gonna rock!

Well said, Matt!! I ♥ Sharon too, and this is SO far from a gimmick it's not funny! I won't tell you where our seats are, but we're extremely pleased to say the least -- it DID take quite a long time must be patient and not get out of line!

GREAT seats too, just have to be patient. Took us about 4 hours...but we got 'em!

Man. You wait what feels like an eternity for the new Ozzy CD. Before it comes out, "they" (the miscreants that think up PR gimmicks and games. Shame on you, Sharon) begin to entice with promises of possible tickets to Ozzfest in the CD! When the CD came out, I was already determined to acquire a copy ASAP. Then, the no-fun begins. There is this "code" inside, and one is bade enter the code to find out about the Ozzfest bait. Then, one gets to deal with "". Abandon reason, all ye who enter there. This is a complete and total gimmick without an ounce of credibility. I find it most disappointing that the great and powerful OZ would so much as allow his name and reputation to be associated with this kind of chicanery. I am not the only one who thinks so, either, Sir John. I believe that you may find it worth your while to distance yourself from this malpractice with a resounding disclaimer. You are much better than this trash. I am VERY disappointed, especially after being a fan for over 30 years (yes; I am as old as the Ozzman himself). Worse for you, so is my 18-year-old son and his colleagues. Respectfully, Skull5.