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Since when does the lure of an OZZY OSBOURNE concert become the impetus for a sting operation by one local sheriff?

That's what an outraged OSBOURNE would like to know after the events that transpired Monday, October 29 before his show at the Fargodome in Fargo, ND.

As masterminded by Paul D. Laney, a local county sheriff--under the name of PDL Productions--this is how the sting was set up, all without OSBOURNE’s knowledge:

Sheriff Laney took the liberty of planning an OZZY OSBOURNE pre-show concert party by offering the very same perks included in OZZY’s “official” VIP tour packages including two tickets to 40 unsuspecting citizens who received the PDL invites by mail.

When the “winners” showed up at the bash, they were promptly handcuffed and arrested on various outstanding warrants. Sheriff Laney quickly held a televised press conference to congratulate himself on the successful sting operation.

“This Sheriff should be ashamed of himself for using my celebrity to arrest these criminals” says Osbourne. “Surely with some good police work and a little bit of time he could have accomplished this without bringing my name into it. It’s insulting to me and to my audience and it shows how lazy this particular sheriff is when it comes to doing his job. It’s obvious to me that Laney has an agenda and is just trying to make a name for himself on my back. Next time try some policing skills.”

Despite his comments about Sheriff Laney’s sting operation, OZZY harbors no ill will to the people of Fargo and hopes to return there under more favorable circumstances.

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I think that is a form of entrapment in my eyes. Not only does this tarnish the respect of one of metal 's most respected icons . It ruins the events and promotions for other who do love to see such events.
If this keeps on we all fail to have true freedom of our speech and rights. Come on people lets stand together.

This would never ever had been acceptable in Norway...
the cop would have been fired on the spot...
and to use Ozzy's name, he should hang!
and to all you people saying that they deserved it, maybe they did, but that doesn't justify what he did...
and if it was over some parking tickets and such, Jesus, go to their home and get them there...
as I said, if this had been in Norway he'd get fired, sued, and beat up so bad...

Rock on Ozzy!
you still kick ass after all these years!

I am a really awesome fan of ozzys. I love him since I was bourn. SO any ways, I always go to see him when he comes to edmonton Alberta cause i live there. I went to go see him on Oct 22 2007. So i decided to go for a smoke in the legitimate smoking area. Upon coming in I was searched by a security guard who grabbed my puse and jacket. I had nothing illegal on me and I was not drunk because I wanted to go and see ozzy and I am a hard worker and I had to work the next day. I was all dressed up because I wanted to look good for ozzy, and I dont know the security guard must have been turned on or something. So she wouldnt give me my stuff back and she started to yell at me. So i said well im leaving and turned to leave. Just as I turned I was grabbed by all my limbs, my hair, my boobs, and dragged into a little tiny room about 20 feet from the doors and thrown on the ground and kicked the f*** out of. I jumped up to try to escape and I realized that this was the Edmonton police. They threw me to the ground and handcuffed me and kicked the s*** out of me some more, then threw me against the wall, where they each had a turn strangling me and smaking me in the face. I was screaming and telling them I was pregnant but they would not stop. My clothes were all falling off and I thought I was going to die. They continued to beat me for an hour. Luckilly my sister seen this and waited for me outside of the little room where the cops kept telling her to leave. She did everything she could to stop them. They kept calling me names and strangling me and punching me. So eventually there was about 20 people in the room and no one would help me, security guards and police. They had nothing to charge me with at all, because it was all on camera. But I demanded paperwork, and no I was not under arrest. If I was I would have had more rights. SO I gave them all of my information as they beat me and I even told them my doctor and preists name. I demanded an ambulance, a lawer, to see their badges but they could not produce any thing for me. I said I want a record of what just happened. I wanted their names and badge numbers. Upon saying this they gave me a ticket that said "Conduct detrimental to a licenced premice" which I dont know what that even means. Any ways after they gave me that They were making fun of me in handcuffs all delirous from all the punches in the head. They let me go because my sister was their and I didnt do any thing. They threw me out at the doors. When I got to my door I realized my keys and all my money was gone from my purse. I couldnt even get in. So I went straight to the hospital, where they determined how damaged I was. I had a cuncussion, sprains, severe kidney bruises, severe soft tissue damage in my neck, and I was covered in bruises. I still am and I cant even barely walk today. So any ways the police came to my place at 3 in the morning after I left the hospital and made it in. It was the same f***ing guys who beat me, demanding in my appartment. I would not let them in. The next day I was followed by police, and naturally I was scared for my life. If my sister had not been their,their is no doubt in my mind that they would have killed me and thrown me and said I was a drunk prostitute. WHICH I AM NOT. They also found at the hospital what looked like needle marks in my arms, which means they tried to drug me.
I got so scared because the cops were following me and they had the keys to my appartment. The next day, my sister and I grabbed our kitty cats, and drove for 10 days. I left everything. All my stuff that I worked dam hard for, I left. I abandoned my life. Now I am running and trying to get a lawyer, but they are all to scared to take my case. I need help because obviously the police are above the law. Im crippled and now homeless because of them. I am looking for witnesses and support. If any one knows any thing about this or any thing like this pleas email me at cheriegillespie@hotmail.com. Needless to say I wont be attending any concerts any time soon

i do take offence to this officer for the way he went about this sting on not felons, but the people who haven't paid there parking ticket or have been behind on their child support. yes those things do need to be taken care of. i do see that he is one that is putting a bad stereo type on the type of people how like to come see the ozzman,(i have seen him atleast 8 times, he rocks.)many of us can think of much better ways to handle these people, than to down grade not only ozzy, but his fans too.but you know if some country artist came to town he would not do something like this to them because they are a "respectable" artist and can't have there name drug through the dirt., and that the people who listen to that music are law abideing citizens. well i have news for him, and the others that think that way, i live in montana home of the cowboy, next to texas, and well and these people are just the same as the ones he arrested useing ozzy's name. to me he's just as big a criminal as those he arrested. he's a thief he stole ozzy's name, but you won't see him put in cuffs, or even stand in front of the judge, why not, because " he was upholding the law." what is the law any more, you change it to fit your needs. i don't think ozzy should sue the pants off of him, because thats just going to make this guy come after the fans harder, but i do think ozzy should do something about the way this man had used his name. i don't know how ozzy truley feels about this,but not only was i upset, but it makes me as a fan feel like crap. you know this officer feels like the king of the world right now, because he did such a good thing, well what does he have hiding in his closet that he don't want anybody to know about. is he cheat on his wife with another, or is the under sheriff UNDER the sheriff, or is he in just as much debt as the ones he arrested. i can't base any of these things as fact, but usally the ones who say look at me have the most to hide. and sheriff if you are reading this and it made you made well then i have done my job. not only have you upset ozzy, but his many fans too. and i'm not afraid to hide behind someones elses name even for a little bit. my name is phil cozby, and my email is mddnsn@yahoo.com
and mr. lanely i do invite you write me and let me know how it really went down.

Ozzy and Dio are the gods of metal and they should be treated as such. these f*****'s should have some respect. Ozzy im behind you all the way man.

I am a Ozzy fan BUT I also have retired police officers in my family. In case anyone missed what these warrants were for..LMAO..they were traffic tickets and nonpaying child support. A lot of articles and comments have stated how Laney removed dangerous criminals in a safe environment. Wow what a shame.
The bad part of this is officer LANEY is bragging about what a great job he did. One article I read said he was the next best thing since "Catch a Predator".
I see it as lazy police skills. If they could mail the letters to these criminals, and they received them. Why couldn't they drive to there homes and arrest them.
Someone made the comment that this is the law in the USA if you don't like it get out. Well this would never fly in my town.
I think something needs to be done here. Sheriff Laney was wrong ........his actions are only making it worse on other law enforcement officers.

So this really sucked for alot of Ozzy fans...Ozzy loves North Dakota. I'm glad he is coming to Stockton California to play in our brand new arena. This will be the second concert ever in the arena. and Ozzy we welcome you....As a north Dakotan all you people know them cops is dirty up there....they got nothing better to do than mess with the people...cause they think the badge is a sheild for them to act like a**holes!

I live up here in Fargo, and recently heard about our Local Morons (Sheriffs) recent escapades. It seems they do a lot of decietful low things, this is just one in a looooooooooooooong list of questionable actions that they use to apprehend supposed "terrible, evil felons". Did anyone catch what the warrants were for?
"the charges ranged from failure to pay child support to unpaid parking tickets to drug charges" as written in an article at http://www.rollingstone.com. Ohhhh yah, terribly nasty low lifes who may have, what was that one of you others posted?? " raped, murdered or mugged " ROFLMAO, Yah, right.

Local law enforcement here are nothing but gutless cowards with no honor or decency, who are supposed to do a job, and are to lazy to do it, they have to use lies and deciet to accomplish their tasks. I also found it interesting that the so "brilliant" sheriff proclaimed that they arrested 40 out of 3000 "currently outstanding" warrants. (they only sent out 500 of these "invitations". How come it hasn't been asked why only these particular 500? How did they select them? Age? Sex? Race?)

There once was a government that used simialar techniques (I refer to the lies, misrepresentation, deciet) to attempt to elliminate an entire race. When government, both local and national, tell nothing but lies and manipulate everything to SUPPOSEDLY "do a greater good" and they no longer fear any repercussions for any of THEIR behaviours, We are ALL in trouble!

SUE them Ozzy, sue them till it hurts them so bad they stop using lies to do their jobs and get out there and DO THE JOB, they need to realize that we the people will not be used and abused and mistreated by those that are supposed to "Protect and Server" not "Lie and Deceive" just to bring in monitary gains for the city (I thought that was what the incredibly ignorant taxes we pay were supposed to be for) and an excuse for their existance in the first place. You are the one person who has the financial ability to take them on, the average Joe sure cant. So make it hurt them enough that they never do it again.

On the upside, if they tried to use this technique on country music fans it wouldn't work, most of them can't read.

That sherriff should have had more of a brain and come up with something better than that, and why do that to people who would assume that they had won. I think that some kind of legal matter shoud be taken, not only by Ozzy, but by the ones who were played. What a crock of s***.

I was a the Ozzy/Rob Zombie Concert in Fargo and it was phenomenal. I feel very bad for Ozzy as well as Rob for the actions taken by the police and especially the sherrif Paul Laney. I sincerely hope this will not prevent Ozzy from returning to Fargo in the future.

P.S. Thanks for a great show.