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Ozzy Osbourne, Korn and Black Label Society will team up for the following dates in South America and Mexico:

Mar. 30 - Quilmes Rock Festival, Buenos Aires, Aregentina
Apr. 01 - Pista Atletica, Santiago, Chile
Apr. 03 - Arena Multiuso, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Apr. 05 - Parque Antartica Stadium, São Paulo, Brazil
Apr. 08 - Foro Sol, Mexico City, Mexico

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i just wanted to thank you Ozzy, for coming to Chile... the last time you came i was like 11 years old, and i couldnt go to the show... but this time show seemed to me like being in paradise, staring at god's face.

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If you have a second, chek out this 14 year old kid playin lead guitar on youtube search "gibbons jr. high Battle of the bands 2009"

Due to house been robbed. My ozzy cd collection was raped i have managed to replace all but one cd. The one that i am looking for is (just say ozzy) if you could arange for a copy to be sent to me. I am willing to pay a reasble price. But a signed one by ozzy and zack and the band would be so f***en mint please can any one out there help me
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