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Win a Theatre System courtesy of Ozzy

If you can name which heavy metal titans Ozzy Osbourne fronted, then <a href="">CLICK HERE</a> for a chance to win a Sony Bravia Theatre System from Planet Loud.

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A fan 4 life , since your Sabbath days Ive rocked to your music when alot of some of these kids here were still swimming around in their daddys ball's.... LAUGHING WICKEDLY.... Anyway I picked up the guitar because of the sounds of Randy Rhodes... Sat around crying and high as a kite the day I heard he dyed... Ozzy my Friend your music has been apart of me since like the age of 13, you are the God of Rock N Roll Dude... And Hey we both shear something in commen, LOOK HEAR>>>>>>> Name is John

how many children does ozzy have

how many children does ozzy have

how many children does ozzy have

when are we soppost sign up for this thing. oh and ozzy rocks!

have 2 ligit ix 4 Alpine Valley contanct me 4 info

anyone know when there giving it out /or how many etc??

1 step away from you

Thanks Ozzy for being there in my music influence, I am a Guitarist. You have helped keep the inspiration and now I can help my wife fight her disease by writting more music as a support to her, never give up on the music...
sincerely; robert lovelass

need tickets for alpine valley, east troy wis. father and son outing. thanks for any help.......

hey ozzy this would be kick a** from the kids for my hubby for fathers day. but we would all love it, penny