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No More Tears



Mother Earth is sighing for me
As I slowly fight for my life
I'm just a dreamer too
Dreaming of you, Ozzy

Better days to come?
When I am in your arms
As a sign in the dawn

This time?
How hard I dream for you!!!

The highest power of a kiss
My dream of fantasy

Oh all this bigotry between us!!!
I skip the icy ocean
In my trippy black sabbath dress
Sighing serentity to your music
I'm just a dreamer:)

Wandering the shadows of the oceans wild eve
Have you stopped to sing where I have been begging the fool?

Sweet wild melodies of witchery cascade down my spine
As I dream of you

Touching at your passing face
Each frame of art, video so gothic

Wanting you like the moon-tide
Pulling in all she can.

Hey big stud daddy Ozzy! have you been wandering the beach at night after I hide away in pathetic wretchedness? I heard you had been singing there? issss this true!!!?

apai agram devatchkai ema