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No More Tears


My lotus lover
Sculpted in devic form
The most beauteouse of this world
I see

Auspicously male :)


Celebrate! Black Sabbath be.

I disrobe in front of the waxing moon
Anointing my form in fine rose oils

The bed is scatttered with rose fragrent petals

I lie opon crimson satin sheets for you

Will you embrace me?
Ozzy Osbourne:)


Light the brambles to the bon fire
Fiend interferance be gone!! (f*** you ghetto slime)

Throw in wolvesbane for lovers that pine!!!
Fiend intrerferance be gone!! (f*** you evil slimy trash!)

Alight the bon fire
To celebrate are desire
Dance with me skyclad by the moon!!!

We will entrance
Like fareies to prance
And devour each other in swoon!!!!

Black Sabbath be celebrated :)

By the bloody moon
Cross evil, cross my breasts
Hail the athame high
Lay my pinings to rest!

Come prince of darkness enfold me, come prince of darkness kiss me sweet!

By alabaster bosom
And eyes darkened in soot
Gather up the roses
And cut the comfry root

Come prince of darkness I summon thee, come prince of darkness set my passions free!

Black Sabbath.

Ozzy :) I am so mad for you I have to type again this night!!!

Roses blush pink to the edges of my lips
My heart is so struck with madness for you

The moon draws tears of your fair alabaster brow
Deep from my soul, drawing lust

All of my bosom heaves
Fair as your moon

I collapse in desire
A passionate swoon

Oh how I WANT you!
Prince of Darkness!!!


Oh how I weep for you
Most beauteouse prince of darkness!

My tears scalding crimson like in lust

Oh how MAD I've been for you
Gloriouse Anti-Christ of all

The streets my prison, my snare!!!

Black Sabbath.

Ozzy Osbourne é o melhor.

Ozzy Osbourne é o melhor.

I still Love this Video and Song!
Love the cameo by Kelly also...