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No More Tears


f*** you woman haterZ

Hey Everyone!!!

I have the Standard European Assesment Test I.Q. of 170 :)

f*** you idiot society :)

I want to ring Brad Pitts neck!!! he got a giant parade of idiots all over my quiet night stroll of musing!!!

(if you were there Ozzy, I was in a white mid-drift shirt and black jeans)

I saw your recent photo in Star magazine and tore away at Sharon and guirded you in black ravens and shadows in my poetry notebook :)

I want to hear your voice in person for real Ozzy, not just all the stage glamour...


I do appreciate your mundane street driven gothic rehab institute/mafia :)

Hey Everyone!!!

you all figure out you're not just "The Man" eating my soul in square contempt BUT

a cannibalistic ripping of baby girl, hienouseness muse murderer :)

f*** you woman haterZ

f*** you woman haterZ