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No More Tears


f*** you patriarchal mundanes

f*** you patriarchial mundanes

f*** you limp dick pussy horrified goddess impotent drag ass eunich stinking mundane males

f*** you mundanes

f*** you mundanes

Hey Ozzy the big creamy ice cream white sweet f***-a-thon of rock god glory

how's the whole world going? (hee hee)

the naughties who oddly admire metal men and all thier bizzare habits:

I am sorry but this atrocity MUST be understood.

He stood at the foot of the black velvet sofa, panting in amusement at how the milky white babe writhed in delight on her weed trip. He wryly smirked knowing he could easily figure out how to help himself here. he manly flicked his long golden wild hair over one side of his teasingly delicouse face and proceeded to stare at her. "mmmm" she deleriously mumbled. He quickly ripped his worn Iron Maiden shirt off, mockinly explaining in a now soft yet verile voice "I wouldn't want to scare you now babe" she jolted up her bosom jiggeling along and swiftly knocked her heels off. "thats' not all I wanna take off dude" she madly giggled

He plunged into her womanly curvacousness madly devouring her pout lips with his. "ooooh yeah she moaned...in minutes all thier clothing was in a dark shadowy heap elsewhere.

She was over teased with blissfull hunger, flipping him over she hugged her thighs around him and cried "f*** my brains out man!!!"

"as you wish maiden" he poetically replied, smiling like a happy wolf. Lots of hot sex followed :)

Thankyou yuppies, twit goths, media biggies and general mundane public for helping me escape this horror, I will forever live only to make your lives joyfull for this favor :)

f*** you mundanes